Jennifer Conlin L.Ac. MSOM  

Hi there, I am Jennifer Conlin, one of the Acupuncturists you will see here in our Health Center. I have a strong passion for, not only Chinese Medicine, but all aspects of Alternative Medicine. I strive to bring awareness, self help tools and confidence to my patients as they embark on a journey towards optimal health.
My first experience with Acupuncture came in my early 20’s when I sought out relief for concurrent UTI’s. At that point I had been treated with a variety of antibiotics all of which took the immediate infection away, but never resolved the underlying issue. I was tired of spending so much of my life in discomfort. I read an article about Acupuncture that resonated with me. I had my first treatment the very next week. I never suffered through another UTI after that course of treatment which lasted over a course of 4 months. My relief was immeasurable as my quality of life was restored. Years later as I was considering my life path, it came to me that I was profoundly interested in Chinese Medicine and in fact it seemed a natural step from the Therapeutic Massage business I had at the time. I enrolled in 2007 at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley California. 3 1/2 years later I graduated with a Masters in the Science of Chinese Medicine, passed my licensing exam and immediately partnered with American Chi. I have since gained extensive knowledge in various areas of Western and Alternative medicine through continuing education courses, focusing on Gut health, Inflammatory diseases and the Immune system.
I have a husband, two beautiful daughters, a handsome son and two amazing dogs that make up my incredible family. In my free time I am soaking up their love!

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